About Cosmic Conservative

  1. I am a baby boomer
  2. I am married
  3. We have two kids
  4. We have a labrador retriever
  5. We live in the Colorado Rockies
  6. I have a Physics Bachelor of Science degree
  7. I work in Information Technologies
  8. I am an amateur astronomer
  9. I fly fish
  10. I tie flies
  11. I am learning guitar
  12. I have owned at least one Apple computer every day since 1984
  13. I own a few guns, but I rarely shoot them anymore
  14. I own and drive an SUV, but not a big one
  15. I used to be pretty darn good at chess
  16. I have folded thousands of origami birds and other objects
  17. I have two large boxes of photographs that I've never organized
  18. I am pretty good at word puzzles
  19. I have the desire but not the skill to be a woodworker
  20. I still have my old Olympia portable typewriter in my office, and it still works
  21. I have an iPod that cost more than all my CDs put together
  22. I played Dungeons and Dragons a lot in my college years
  23. I am a fair softball infielder and a decent hitter, but I can't run worth squat